MVNO Awards

FirmTel genomineerd voor “Most Innovative MVNO Award 2014”

The “Most Innovative MVNO award” is granted to these virtual operators capable of demonstrating that they have genuinely introduced innovation in the MVNO market. Innovation can be in any area of the business, including back office, customer facing activities, services, pricing or organizational and technological set up with hosting operators.MVNO Industry Awards 2014

Candidates will define their own success and provide the necessary documentation to describe and support their applications. Supporting documentation should include all KPIs that are necessary to provide evidence and explain why the business should be considered the “most innovative MVNO”.

Success can refer to specific set of services offered by the MVNO, not necessarily the entire MVNO business. While specific KPIs are useful for the judges to make an informed decision, the winner will be selected on the basis of the innovativeness of their services/ business, not by simply comparing KPIs. Ultimately the collective experience of the judging panel will be the discerning criteria for the winning entry.